Services & Prices

One stop for every BMW service needs including but not limited to

-Any Electrical diagnosis including all modules
-Programming and encoding of all control modules
-Minor and Major engine repairs including Engine replacements
-Suspension repairs Shocks, Springs, Struts, Busings, C.V. Boots, Tie rods, etc
-CBS data items including Brakes, Flushes, Oil change, Filters, Spark plugs
-Transmission repairs and replacements
-A/C system diagnosis and repairs
-Cooling system diagnosis and repairs
-Aftermarket Equipment installations

Below prices reflect estimated labor cost only, parts are additional due to variation of parts prices depending on engine and model. Please contact us with last 7 of VIN for accurate estimates.

Standard Scope – $40
Vehicle Check – $110
Oil Change – $33
Air filter – $22
Mircofilter – $44
Brake Flush – $110
Spark plugs – 6 cyl $110     8 cyl $176     v12 $440
Front brakes – pads and sensor only $110     Rotors additional $66
Rear brakes – pads and sensor only $110     Rotors additional $66
Oil service – $110
Inspection 1 – $198
Inspection 2 – $330
Initial Diagnosis fee – $88
Headlight Restoration -$150 per side
* Some shops may charge up to $50 in shop supply and disposal fees.
BEAMER AUTO does not believe in making customer pay for shop supply or disposal fees. No hidden fees guaranteed!

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